About me

P_PechI am not what I’ve studied but it’s still part of me. I am not my degrees but they also define me. I am not a mere list of disciplines but I include all of them in the exercise of my profession.

Armoniom is my own way of understanding the human healing regardless of their gender or age, because I understand the care of the organism (as physiologically as mental and spiritual) in an integral and global form. Armoniom is my own way of using Osteopathy and other disciplines for the people’s benefit, according to my values, feelings and actions.

People’s health has been my reason for living and the motive which has pushed me all my life to train me on this path, not only to treat illnesses but to prevent them, always looking for body-mind balance.

Each patient is different than others about physical characteristics, age, morphology… but also in terms of past experiences, values and ways of acting before a disease. That’s why my treatments are always adapted to the patient and individualized taking care of the maximum consideration and respect of their personal rhythms.

Even so, for those persons who want to know my professional CV, I’ll detail it below. My academic background is not Armoniom. Armoniom makes sense and borns only within my consultation when relationship between therapist and patient has been established.

Osteopath. More than 20 years of experience treating and healing adults and Pediatric Osteopathy with babies and children. ROE n. 29.

Physiotherapist for more than 20 years. Nº col. 8750.

Master in Nutrition by the UB (University of Barcelona). Macronutrition, micronutrition and personalized diets.

Teacher in ECO (School of the Osteopathic Concept) in Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela.

Founder and administrator of Esencialma, S.L. www.nutrisapiens.com Import, distribution and sale of natural products.

– Advicer in Phytotherapy / Aromatherapy

– Creator of the Armoniom concept, based on vibrational medicine.


Sports Physiotherapy.

– Training in Reflexology.

– Training in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation.

– Training in Lymphatic drainage, Vodder method.

– Training in Stretching.

– Advanced Technician in Agro-Food Industries and Biotechnologies.

– Advanced Technician in Horticulture; Production of Vegetables.
Bilingual French and Spanish. I also take consultation in Catalan and English.