What is the Visualization?

Visualizations are a frequent therapeutic tool used in Armoniom’s consultations because they are a great help in treatments with patients, whether they are used in a unique way or in combination with other tools. In the next lines, we will talk about its characteristics to better understand one of the resources that act as a bridge between the Conscious and the Unconscious of a person.

Visualization is the creation and development of a mental image of an abstract concept, invisible or intangible; or a feeling or perception. This mental representation, in the case of Armoniom, is always accompanied by the therapist Pascale Pech who stimulates that visualization, guides (without interfering) and leads / re-directs.

What for?

There are varied objectives that can be pursued through the use of visualizations and this wide variety is what determines the type of visualization performed: negative emotions that promote depression, anxiety, fears, phobias… Do not forget that the person who comes to the consultation of Armoniom makes it because of the existence of a nuisance or damage, in most cases, physical and recurrent. Therefore, in this case, the visualizations can be helpful in locating and unveiling, from the unconscious to the conscious, the network of factors that may be causing that physical condition.

Visualizations are not a newly discovered tool but have been used for thousands of years in different cultures, contexts and with some objectives. In fact, on the Internet it is easy to find lists of categories and typologies that seek a classification of the visualizations: scientific, guided, projective, creative, relaxing, evasive visualization … It does not matter all those labels. Visualizations are visualizations and then it depends on the use one make of them; in our case, is a therapeutic use.

In fact, it is a method used by many people for many years. As an example: visualizations focused on future situations of success of the person, as a tool for the accomplishment of those. According to a self-help American best-seller book, there’s a stream of thought focused on visualizing the life you want as a way to be closer to getting it and as a form of attraction.

Another example can be the visualizations looking for peace and tranquility. People with anxiety are taught to visualize spaces that generate them calm and serenity in order to mentally go to them when they are disturbed.

In this sense, and focusing on what happens in the consultations of Armoniom, we want to make distinctions between two similar but not identical concepts: Imagination and Visualization.

Sometimes, Imagination can play at the service of the Visualizations, but perhaps the biggest difference between both concepts is that, inside Armoniom, the Visualization is used of free form and the images arise mentally, they are not invoked.

An imagined concept has been consciously created, has been mentally triggered, the person is “redirected” consciously, it’s more concrete. It does not require any preparation.

On the other hand, the Visualization is born, it appears freely without conditioners and for that reason it can contribute information of great utility for the therapy. However, a preliminary preparation is required: a state of deep relaxation is sought that favors the appearance of visualization.

Example of Imagination: “You imagine a car”. The person imagines it as he/she wants: color, year, model, highway, closed, toy, convertible, with people inside, without it, circulating, parked, outdoors, in a concessionaire, in a scrapping, sporting , Minivan, with hood, with the mother-in-law inside … the options to imagine are innumerable.

Example of Visualization: “You visualize compassion”. And something will come up … you do not know what, it’s free and every person can go in totally opposite lines: it is so legitimate to visualize a Chinese-Korean squirrel eating an acorn that the word “compassion” in the dictionary, like simply mentally see a tennis ball or the whole sequence of a film … The forms in which the Unconscious can be manifested are not innumerable, they are infinite…

Visualize and / or meditate?

A concept with which it is possible to confuse visualization is meditation.

When performing moments of meditation, “here and now” stands as the ultimate goal. In many occasions, the meditations pursue a specific purpose: managing stress, seeking inner peace, creating or consolidating a sense of well-being, private moments of enjoyment alone, increasing positive emotions (or turning off negatives), improving the Physical and immunological state… And visualizations can really be a tool used to meditate, depending on the method of meditation chosen.

By themselves, visualizations focus on the image created and developed. In meditations it is possible that thoughts, ideas or other “interferences” appear and you only must accept them and let them pass away. Instead, in the visualization it is possible to focus on the image that has emerged: explore it, understand it, treat it…

In summary, the visualizations are powerful tools of great utility in the consultations of Armoniom for all the information that they offer for the therapeutic treatment of the person and for all the curative potential that they have.

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