What’s Armoniom

Armoniom is the way of understanding, feeling and practicing vibrational healing by the osteopath Pascale Pech, as a result of her more than twenty years as a health professional healing patients of all ages (from babies to nonagenarians), gender and conditions.

Armoniom doesn’t arise willy-nilly, it has been growing and developing itself gradually over two decades and also it has been enriched with every professional step and experiences of the osteopath. In fact, Armoniom continues evolving and it’s part of its mission to continue doing so in the future since there is nothing fixed, everything is energy in motion.

Based on an extremely solid base in healing, such as Osteopathy, Pascale Pech has acquired skills through experience, academic training and also subsequent practice and successful verification in her private practice. Different disciplines, acquisition of varied tools, treatment with patients of all kind of problems, enrichment with healing perspectives of other ancient cultures … all these conform the essence of Armoniom.

We could say that Armoniom is based in:

  • Human’s body conception as a GLOBAL form attending to several components: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Searching for the CAUSE / ORIGIN of the pain or illness of the person.
  • Use of MULTIDICIPLINARY TOOLS in Pascale’s Pech consultation.
  • Concept of SELF-HEALING.

In this link (in Spanish) Pascale Pech. Osteopathy Treatments you’ll be able to find, if you are interested, extensive lists of pathologies that Pascale Pech usually treats in his consultation. She treats all those that you’ll read there and yet those are not all what she treats, since the variety of ailments or affections is as high as the diversity of existing people. Therefore, Pascale Pech does not treat ailments; she heals people, attending to their own characteristics.

Sometimes, people can suffer pains which are merely mechanical, result of some blow or trauma, but most of the time those pains have two very particular characteristics related one to each other: they are recurrent and with a cause not so “obvious” as you might think.

Recurrents.  Because sometimes people tend to have some discomfort in the same areas of their body on a regular basis and this is already significant by itself.

Not so obvious cause.  Because sometimes the painful area doesn’t always match with the source of the pain; It can happen that the physical cause is located in another area of the body and the person’s mental-emotional-spiritual state plays an important role in the cause. As an example: somatizations, meaning psychic alterations that become involuntarily, and often, without being conscious, in organic symptoms, as if they were crystallizations.

Osteopathy supports Armoniom for the treatment of the human body in a global way. However, other disciplines may be necessary for comprehensive healing. As an example, we can mention some as Nutrition, Movement, Energy, Music, Meditation … You will find more details in the first published post on the Blog.

Armonium doesn´t  seek only the cure of pain, it looks for personal Self-Healing. In this sense, the therapist has a wide range of tools at her disposal, to help the patient to become actively involved in his own process of reuniting the lost balance and healing and connection with himself.

Armoniom, therefore, is not only a way to cure a pain or affection, it’s a way to heal the human being at every level.