Vibrational medicine, a global healing (and II)

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When an organ of the human body (or organism or cell) vibrates with a lower (denser) frequency, and if it can’t rebalance itself, it needs to make use of an external resource to help it in that task, through the use of appropriates frequencies to get the lost vibration.

Cell can be considered as the basic biological unit, capable of vibrating within a range, and the cells are those that make up the organs of the human body, tissues, muscles … Therefore, when an organ (or organism) is damaged or altered is because its frequency has been reduced to a much slower rate; when that happens the energy can’t flow freely or feed the blocked zone correctly. This is how disease-causing energy stagnations are created.

It’s necessary to clarify that the vision of the cell as a basic biological unit is very restrictive because actually the cell works thanks to the functions of the inside organelles and that constitute all its machinery. But, for simplicity, we talk about the cell in this way.

Once the origin and cause of the discomfort, disease, blocked area and / or damaged organ are identified, high vibration resources and tools are used to keep in contact with the damaged area in order to cause a frequency rise that promotes their total recovery.

A low density prevents the flow of energy, while by raising the vibration of frequency of the altered organ, the energy regains its own order and flows properly. This restoration of balance doesn’t remain at the local level but has a positive impact on the whole organism and on all planes / areas of the human being.

Why does the frequency of an organ or cell decrease? There can be as many reasons as people in the world.

All cells have a function inside the human body, in the same way that all organs perform specific tasks and missions within that body. And that’s the same for all the people in the world. It is unquestionable. There is not a single person on the face of the earth who breathes and fills their lungs with air … using their knees, for example, or anyone who feeds through their armpits or walks with their ears: same shapes and same functions. So why do not universal cures exist to serve the whole world in the same disease? For a very simple reason that vibrational healing has present in its treatments and that allopathic medicine ignores: the singularity and individuality of each human being, beyond the physical factor. The differences between humans are established by genes, origin, environment, experiences, thoughts, emotions, nutrition and karmic record, just to say some examples. All these elements can be cause of diseases but they do not belong to the physical plane, therefore if a doctor treats only the body … it really doesn’t treat the ailment.


For vibrational medicine, as we pointed out in our first post (link), the concept of self-healing is so important since the different states existing in a person (health, illness, healing process) are a personal responsibility.

For that reason, therapists do not heal persons; we are collaborators and guides of their own healing process. And in this process we use different resources such as the following, which are examples of the ones I use in my practice: phytotherapy, meditation, visualizations, magnetism, yoga, aromatherapy, homeopathy, various ayurvedic foundations, lithotherapy, some elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, Bach flowers, music therapy, nutritional guidelines …


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