Vibrational medicine, a global healing (I)

Armoniom is born from the vibrational healing concept which is based on a new medical conception, Vibrational Medicine. Although this term has been labeled recently in the last decades, in reality its concept and philosophy are millennial.

For vibrational medicine the health or illness of a human being is related to his physical body, his thoughts, his emotions and his spirit. Any alteration, either excess or defect, in any of these elements can generate vibrations (low ones) that alter the existing harmony and balance and, therefore, weaken their state of health.

Perhaps a way to clarify that concept would be making a comparison with conventional medicine (also called classical or allopathic), for example with public medicine in Spain (called Social Security). For classical medicine, the physical dimension is the only one existing to cure a person. Surgical or pharmaceutical treatments treat the symptoms of the disease that afflicts the body of a person. Causes of that disease? Doctors can argue for several reasons: poor diet, sedentary way of life, genetics, some traumatism or… unknown reasons, but it doesn’t matter either. Out of that medical equation are the mind, the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions; none of those concepts are related to or influences the health of people according to classical doctors. With allopathic medicine only the symptoms are eliminated, so we can’t be consider that as a real cure.

Let’s show you a clear example that you will be able to understand and even feel identified: a person who goes to the doctor with unbearable pain in shoulders, neck, back, heaviness … conventional medicine performs a physical test and prescribes a medication to relieve / eliminate pain. Vibrational medicine investigates the cause, attends and “listens” to the physical body but also attends to the patient’s emotions, thoughts and environment, among other things. And if those shoulder, neck pains… are the result of stress, just to say something? Have the medicine fixed the problem? No, they have put on a temporary patch, neither identifying nor treating the cause. Vibrational medicine seeks for a permanent, internal healing, with a patient involved in its process, understands and is aware of it and, above all, the most important, attends to several aspects. A human being is not just a body; therefore, it is not treated only as a body.

Dr. Richard Gerber was the first one of vibrational medicine concept and to explain, in his first book, the differences between the two types of medicine:

The current practice of medicine [classical] is based upon the Newtonian model of reality…a viewpoint which sees the world as an intricate mechanism. Doctors conceptualize the body as a type of grand machine which is controlled by the brain and peripheral nervous system: the ultimate biological computer. But are human beings really glorified machines?  […]

Through his famous equation, E=mc2, Albert Einstein proved to scientists that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That universal substance is a primal energy or vibration of which we are all composed. Therefore, attempting to heal the body through the manipulation of this basic vibrational or energetic level of substance can be thought of as vibrational medicine.” [1]

Vibrational medicine defines Human being as a system of subtle, multidimensional and interacting energies. Matter is compressed energy, and different energy systems vibrate with different frequencies. This type of healing focuses on acting at the energy level by modifying the altered vibrational frequency of the person in order to reestablish the balance (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Vibrational medicine understands human beings as energetic beings that, faced with a disease, can be deal with it in a dual way: on the one hand, the traditional side with surgical interventions and pharmaceutical treatments; and, on the other hand, the energy side, through sources and frequencies of energy.

The different energetic dimensions of a human being interact among them in a harmonic and balanced way, although with different vibrations. Whenever this harmony is preserved, the state of health will be maintained; when it is altered, diseases appear, because of the blockage of energy. That blockage produces a low (more dense) vibration that precludes the free circulation of energy, basis of balance and harmony.


– Pascale Pech
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