Armoniom sings

Pleasure for some people, hobbie for others, dream to fight for several people, used even as a de-stressing method… you do not need to be a professional singer to enjoy all the benefits of releasing your own voice and singing. Anywhere, anytime.

A song or several, hum or sing aloud, a couple of minutes or for hours… Do you wonder about the benefits of singing?

  • Improves mood. Singing helps to secrete endorphins in the body that, in great quantity, produce positive and pleasant feelings and, therefore, improves the mood and well-being sense.
  • Calm down and de-stress. Not only because of releasing endorphins but because singing shifts the focus of attention of daily worries that cause discomfort and anxiety, thus releasing tensions.
  • Reinforcement of the immune system. Stress is one of the factors that damages the body’s defenses. Consequently, if the levels of stress decrease, as we pointed out before, the immune system is strengthened, by eradicating one of the variables that would damage it.
  • It helps babies. Singing to babies in their crib can help them fall asleep faster and deeper and, in general, improve their mood. As we mentioned in previous lines, thanks to the endorphins that are segregated not only when singing but when listening.
  • It is an aerobic exercise with all the improvements that it entails. When a person sings, oxygenation increases in the lungs and in the blood (more air is used than just talking or breathing) and, therefore, improves the general state of the organism.
  • Breathing is optimized. Humans know how to breathe. And we have learned to breathe and speak at the same time in a synchronized way without difficulties. However, singing involves greater effort and oxygen, so it is necessary to regulate and adapt the processes of inspiration and exhalation of air.
  • Improves body posture. Due to the use of the diaphragm when singing, located in the center of the torso, almost automatically the body straightens without being almost aware of it. Professional singers, on the other hand, control their body posture and correct placement of the diaphragm.
  • It can improve an educational process. Many children and young people learned Spanish or other languages, more easily than in school and in a natural way, singing songs in languages ​​other than English. Singing can also boost memory, for example by remembering lyrics and even singing the alphabet, multiplication tables…
  • Singing alone can improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Singing in company act as an excellent group cohesion, you just have to think about the good and funny atmosphere in karaokes.
  • Everyone can sing. Regardless of gender, age, physical condition, vocal abilities…


  • The shape of a person’s skull determines the physiognomy and size of the throat / larynx, which is the cavity that acts as a sound box when singing and determines the sound that is emitted.
  • Singing in a “right” way (with the correct tuning, rhythm, musicality …) in very few cases is a gift. In the vast majority of people is an apprehended capacity, not an innate one.
  • Many people love to sing in the shower and it is because the normally smooth finish of the bathrooms walls (as closed spaces) act as a sound cavity that improves the sound quality and, therefore, sounds better.
  • You can sing songs, hum, whisper melodies, sing mantras, sing om (more information in this post about Om), sing the lessons of the school to memorize them, raping, beatboxing, sing prayers…
  • It could be said that since prehistory and the beginning of civilizations, research has discovered how dances, and songs, played an important role in the societies of the time.

And you … do you want to try?



Ho’oponopono is an old Hawaiian art of problem solving and modification of thoughts whose main tools are forgiveness and reconciliation, accompanied by love and gratitude. The generic meaning of the word Ho’oponopono is “To amend, to correct a mistake” and it is based on the following pillars:

  1. Everything that exists in our lives is a thought or memory that can be released, erased or cleaned.
  2. We are responsible for everything we see and exist in the universe and what we do or think individually affects globally.
  3. Ho’oponopono helps to erase limiting thoughts to bring peace and balance to life.
  4. Conflicts arise from oneself, are not imposed by external reality that is why it is possible to erase them.
  5. Divinity is the one who cleans, we make it easier.

Broadly speaking, this would be the conceptual heart of Ho’oponopono. However, it is necessary to know not only how this concept emerged, but also the transformations that it has been experiencing over the centuries, adapting to every age and type of society in order to understand its essence and its usefulness. It could be considered that there are three important periods that would define the existence of the Ho’oponopono: traditional practice, presence of the healer Morrnah Simeona that collected and updated all the legacy, and modern use from Dr. Ihaleakalá.


Ho’oponopono was born in different islands of Polynesia and it is estimated that the first inhabitants of Hawaii already used this method, so we can say the references go back to century XVIII.

The investigations of historians reveal how in the Polynesian cultures there were some particular conceptions referring to the healing. Here are some of them, as examples, although they do not always correspond to the same zones or times, but there are common patterns:

  • It was believed that the mistakes made by people in life were the cause of illness.
  • In some cases, there was also an “intermediary”: people’s mistakes angered the Gods and they sent diseases and punishments to people.
  • In detail: anger or unacceptable sexual behaviors could also be the source of illness.
  • In other cases, it was understood that the illness, especially of a child or young person, was a consequence of the mistakes made by the father (in some societies) or by both parents (in other cultures).
  • It was also accepted that diseases were a punishment for violating some spiritual laws.
  • Likewise, the disease could be the result of tensions, anger, or lack of forgiveness among members of a family or community.

In all these cases, the restoration necessary for healing went through the request for forgiveness. In the case of offense to the gods, the request for forgiveness was necessary by the presence of a priest who prayed or healed and directed the prayers. When that priest was missed, the elder or the most respected person of a family or group, used to take command and direction of the prayers.

Besides, Ho’oponopono required that the family or community gather together to carry out this process of prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, restitution and forgiveness.


In 1976, Morrnah Simeona (1913 -1992) recovered and unified all the ancestral tradition of Ho’oponopono and adapted it to the social reality of her time. Through her work, this Hawaiian art came to be understood as a process of problem solving not only in community, but in a more individual way through a psycho-spiritual process.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona was the creator of Self Identity through Ho’oponopono. She founded Pacifica Seminars in 1970, was recognized as a Kahuna lapa’au (healer) in Hawaii and distinguished as a Living Treasure by the State of Hawaii in 1983.

Morrnah Simeona’s ideas were adapted to her present, when, increasingly, families and communities did not live in the same space and where individuality was more important, so it was necessary to adapt through Self Identity.

These are Morrnah Simeona’s ideas:

Clean, erase, erase and find your own PEACE. Where? Inside you.

The main purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself. Ho’oponopono is a deep gift that allows us to develop a mutual relationship with the Divine within ourselves and to learn to ask that, in every moment, our errors in thought, word, act and action be cleaned. The aim of this process is essentially to achieve freedom, complete freedom from the past.”

Likewise, Simeone introduces for the first time the presence of negative Karma, where the person ends up receiving and experiencing the effect of the actions caused to the others in an earlier time.


The current conceptions of Ho’oponopono derive from the latest adaptations made by Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, direct disciple of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona and who updated the concept and application of Auto Identity to make it easier and more applicable to modern societies. The process became even more individualized and allowed to erase not only the person himself but also previous relatives and ancestors.

Today, Ho’oponopono is a tool used in multiple and varied fields and, in fact, also used in the consultations of Armoniom.

Four words constitute the conceptual body of Ho’oponopono through which articulates the amendment and correction of errors by the Divinity. These four powerful healing words should be repeated with serene joy and being aware that it is the person himself who creates a difficult situation or problems, not others. When responsibility is assumed and the memory created by this situation is cleansed, this is also erased from other people.

Even so, these four words that compose Ho’oponopono are recommended not only in front of a problem but in a regular and daily way and without limit of repetition or time:

By saying this, the person feels responsible of a specific situation, he is responsible for his own part for the damage caused. It is a feeling for own actions and for burdens of the past, own or familiar.

It asks for forgiveness as a reparation against the Divinity, that is, against the wiser part of the human being, whatever name you want to adjudicate. Sorry for the responsible part which created the situation and which drags it without letting go.

It is a thank you to the past memories that have materialized in a concrete situation and that situation offers an opportunity of cleaning memories. The problematic situation is what it is to show what must be cleansed. And that is why gratitude is necessary. It is also a Thanks to the Divinity for the listening received.

Love as a positive transforming energy. Love is declared to past memories and freed from the conflictive situation in which they are. Love, in turn, restores the balance altered by an energy that was not positive and harmonizes. What usually causes suffering is everything that has been created without love, with anger, contempt or devaluation.

Through the practice of Ho’ponopono and, in particular, of these four words (I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I love you) almost at the same moment the mind calms down, the subconscious starts to clear of stress and a state of inner peace begins to appear subtly.

When the subconscious is cleaned, when the past memories begin to erase, and what this Hawaiian art defined as poor programming, is when the person begins to open to the divine that exists inside each person. Thanks to Ho’ponopono it is possible to leave to the Divinity what happens next, which is something that no longer depends on the person, who has already fulfilled his main task, which is forgiveness and reconciliation.

It is not the person’s own mission to search for results on a rational level but to maintain a calm mind and inner peace that allows the solution to appear on its own.


– Pascale Pech
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What is the Visualization?

Visualizations are a frequent therapeutic tool used in Armoniom’s consultations because they are a great help in treatments with patients, whether they are used in a unique way or in combination with other tools. In the next lines, we will talk about its characteristics to better understand one of the resources that act as a bridge between the Conscious and the Unconscious of a person.

Visualization is the creation and development of a mental image of an abstract concept, invisible or intangible; or a feeling or perception. This mental representation, in the case of Armoniom, is always accompanied by the therapist Pascale Pech who stimulates that visualization, guides (without interfering) and leads / re-directs.

What for?

There are varied objectives that can be pursued through the use of visualizations and this wide variety is what determines the type of visualization performed: negative emotions that promote depression, anxiety, fears, phobias… Do not forget that the person who comes to the consultation of Armoniom makes it because of the existence of a nuisance or damage, in most cases, physical and recurrent. Therefore, in this case, the visualizations can be helpful in locating and unveiling, from the unconscious to the conscious, the network of factors that may be causing that physical condition.

Visualizations are not a newly discovered tool but have been used for thousands of years in different cultures, contexts and with some objectives. In fact, on the Internet it is easy to find lists of categories and typologies that seek a classification of the visualizations: scientific, guided, projective, creative, relaxing, evasive visualization … It does not matter all those labels. Visualizations are visualizations and then it depends on the use one make of them; in our case, is a therapeutic use.

In fact, it is a method used by many people for many years. As an example: visualizations focused on future situations of success of the person, as a tool for the accomplishment of those. According to a self-help American best-seller book, there’s a stream of thought focused on visualizing the life you want as a way to be closer to getting it and as a form of attraction.

Another example can be the visualizations looking for peace and tranquility. People with anxiety are taught to visualize spaces that generate them calm and serenity in order to mentally go to them when they are disturbed.

In this sense, and focusing on what happens in the consultations of Armoniom, we want to make distinctions between two similar but not identical concepts: Imagination and Visualization.

Sometimes, Imagination can play at the service of the Visualizations, but perhaps the biggest difference between both concepts is that, inside Armoniom, the Visualization is used of free form and the images arise mentally, they are not invoked.

An imagined concept has been consciously created, has been mentally triggered, the person is “redirected” consciously, it’s more concrete. It does not require any preparation.

On the other hand, the Visualization is born, it appears freely without conditioners and for that reason it can contribute information of great utility for the therapy. However, a preliminary preparation is required: a state of deep relaxation is sought that favors the appearance of visualization.

Example of Imagination: “You imagine a car”. The person imagines it as he/she wants: color, year, model, highway, closed, toy, convertible, with people inside, without it, circulating, parked, outdoors, in a concessionaire, in a scrapping, sporting , Minivan, with hood, with the mother-in-law inside … the options to imagine are innumerable.

Example of Visualization: “You visualize compassion”. And something will come up … you do not know what, it’s free and every person can go in totally opposite lines: it is so legitimate to visualize a Chinese-Korean squirrel eating an acorn that the word “compassion” in the dictionary, like simply mentally see a tennis ball or the whole sequence of a film … The forms in which the Unconscious can be manifested are not innumerable, they are infinite…

Visualize and / or meditate?

A concept with which it is possible to confuse visualization is meditation.

When performing moments of meditation, “here and now” stands as the ultimate goal. In many occasions, the meditations pursue a specific purpose: managing stress, seeking inner peace, creating or consolidating a sense of well-being, private moments of enjoyment alone, increasing positive emotions (or turning off negatives), improving the Physical and immunological state… And visualizations can really be a tool used to meditate, depending on the method of meditation chosen.

By themselves, visualizations focus on the image created and developed. In meditations it is possible that thoughts, ideas or other “interferences” appear and you only must accept them and let them pass away. Instead, in the visualization it is possible to focus on the image that has emerged: explore it, understand it, treat it…

In summary, the visualizations are powerful tools of great utility in the consultations of Armoniom for all the information that they offer for the therapeutic treatment of the person and for all the curative potential that they have.


Vibrational medicine, a global healing (and II)

* You can read the 1st part of this post here.

When an organ of the human body (or organism or cell) vibrates with a lower (denser) frequency, and if it can’t rebalance itself, it needs to make use of an external resource to help it in that task, through the use of appropriates frequencies to get the lost vibration.

Cell can be considered as the basic biological unit, capable of vibrating within a range, and the cells are those that make up the organs of the human body, tissues, muscles … Therefore, when an organ (or organism) is damaged or altered is because its frequency has been reduced to a much slower rate; when that happens the energy can’t flow freely or feed the blocked zone correctly. This is how disease-causing energy stagnations are created.

It’s necessary to clarify that the vision of the cell as a basic biological unit is very restrictive because actually the cell works thanks to the functions of the inside organelles and that constitute all its machinery. But, for simplicity, we talk about the cell in this way.

Once the origin and cause of the discomfort, disease, blocked area and / or damaged organ are identified, high vibration resources and tools are used to keep in contact with the damaged area in order to cause a frequency rise that promotes their total recovery.

A low density prevents the flow of energy, while by raising the vibration of frequency of the altered organ, the energy regains its own order and flows properly. This restoration of balance doesn’t remain at the local level but has a positive impact on the whole organism and on all planes / areas of the human being.

Why does the frequency of an organ or cell decrease? There can be as many reasons as people in the world.

All cells have a function inside the human body, in the same way that all organs perform specific tasks and missions within that body. And that’s the same for all the people in the world. It is unquestionable. There is not a single person on the face of the earth who breathes and fills their lungs with air … using their knees, for example, or anyone who feeds through their armpits or walks with their ears: same shapes and same functions. So why do not universal cures exist to serve the whole world in the same disease? For a very simple reason that vibrational healing has present in its treatments and that allopathic medicine ignores: the singularity and individuality of each human being, beyond the physical factor. The differences between humans are established by genes, origin, environment, experiences, thoughts, emotions, nutrition and karmic record, just to say some examples. All these elements can be cause of diseases but they do not belong to the physical plane, therefore if a doctor treats only the body … it really doesn’t treat the ailment.


For vibrational medicine, as we pointed out in our first post (link), the concept of self-healing is so important since the different states existing in a person (health, illness, healing process) are a personal responsibility.

For that reason, therapists do not heal persons; we are collaborators and guides of their own healing process. And in this process we use different resources such as the following, which are examples of the ones I use in my practice: phytotherapy, meditation, visualizations, magnetism, yoga, aromatherapy, homeopathy, various ayurvedic foundations, lithotherapy, some elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, Bach flowers, music therapy, nutritional guidelines …


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Vibrational medicine, a global healing (I)

Armoniom is born from the vibrational healing concept which is based on a new medical conception, Vibrational Medicine. Although this term has been labeled recently in the last decades, in reality its concept and philosophy are millennial.

For vibrational medicine the health or illness of a human being is related to his physical body, his thoughts, his emotions and his spirit. Any alteration, either excess or defect, in any of these elements can generate vibrations (low ones) that alter the existing harmony and balance and, therefore, weaken their state of health.

Perhaps a way to clarify that concept would be making a comparison with conventional medicine (also called classical or allopathic), for example with public medicine in Spain (called Social Security). For classical medicine, the physical dimension is the only one existing to cure a person. Surgical or pharmaceutical treatments treat the symptoms of the disease that afflicts the body of a person. Causes of that disease? Doctors can argue for several reasons: poor diet, sedentary way of life, genetics, some traumatism or… unknown reasons, but it doesn’t matter either. Out of that medical equation are the mind, the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions; none of those concepts are related to or influences the health of people according to classical doctors. With allopathic medicine only the symptoms are eliminated, so we can’t be consider that as a real cure.

Let’s show you a clear example that you will be able to understand and even feel identified: a person who goes to the doctor with unbearable pain in shoulders, neck, back, heaviness … conventional medicine performs a physical test and prescribes a medication to relieve / eliminate pain. Vibrational medicine investigates the cause, attends and “listens” to the physical body but also attends to the patient’s emotions, thoughts and environment, among other things. And if those shoulder, neck pains… are the result of stress, just to say something? Have the medicine fixed the problem? No, they have put on a temporary patch, neither identifying nor treating the cause. Vibrational medicine seeks for a permanent, internal healing, with a patient involved in its process, understands and is aware of it and, above all, the most important, attends to several aspects. A human being is not just a body; therefore, it is not treated only as a body.

Dr. Richard Gerber was the first one of vibrational medicine concept and to explain, in his first book, the differences between the two types of medicine:

The current practice of medicine [classical] is based upon the Newtonian model of reality…a viewpoint which sees the world as an intricate mechanism. Doctors conceptualize the body as a type of grand machine which is controlled by the brain and peripheral nervous system: the ultimate biological computer. But are human beings really glorified machines?  […]

Through his famous equation, E=mc2, Albert Einstein proved to scientists that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That universal substance is a primal energy or vibration of which we are all composed. Therefore, attempting to heal the body through the manipulation of this basic vibrational or energetic level of substance can be thought of as vibrational medicine.” [1]

Vibrational medicine defines Human being as a system of subtle, multidimensional and interacting energies. Matter is compressed energy, and different energy systems vibrate with different frequencies. This type of healing focuses on acting at the energy level by modifying the altered vibrational frequency of the person in order to reestablish the balance (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Vibrational medicine understands human beings as energetic beings that, faced with a disease, can be deal with it in a dual way: on the one hand, the traditional side with surgical interventions and pharmaceutical treatments; and, on the other hand, the energy side, through sources and frequencies of energy.

The different energetic dimensions of a human being interact among them in a harmonic and balanced way, although with different vibrations. Whenever this harmony is preserved, the state of health will be maintained; when it is altered, diseases appear, because of the blockage of energy. That blockage produces a low (more dense) vibration that precludes the free circulation of energy, basis of balance and harmony.


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