Armoniom’s Essence

 In What’s Armoniom option… we showed you a brief information about the birth and development of this personal and particular Pascale Pech way of exercising vibrational healing. We also told you about the pillars and values on which it sustains and nourishes. Those ones will be respected and perpetuated in each session with patients. But there is much more…

The word Armoniom hides in itself something more, as a visible and hidden secret at the same time. Armoniom’s soul is revealed when a therapeutic relationship between professional and patient is established. The therapist Pascale Pech uses all the tools at her disposal to heal the patient not only physically (through mechanical-physiological manipulations, mostly coming from osteopathy) but also mental, emotional and spiritual. But … which tools are we talking about?


Each letter is a part of its essence.

A  Accompaniment
In an Armoniom consultation the accompaniment is vital. The patient who is suffering from an illness should feel that he’s not alone but doesn’t place the full responsibility for his healing on the therapist Pascale Pech. It’s a process in common, in which the patient intervenes, integrates, forms part of his own healing, guided and accompanied by the therapist.

R  Rhythm
Rhythm concerning to the person’s own time to face and develop his healing process. But Rhythm also refers to the sounds and sensations perceived by the ear either from verbal, musical, instrumental sources … That one, actually, is one of the keys of vibrational medicine.

M  Movement
La vida es movimiento, siempre. Y las personas también son movimiento constante, no sólo físico, sino de otros planos.

Life is always movement. And people are also in constant movement, not only physical also in other ways.

O  Osteopathy
Armoniom is built on medical base, Osteopathy. Each element (rhythm, movement, nutrition …) exists independently, obviously, but the combination of all these aspects that we are mentioning and supported on a solid basis as Osteopathy is what makes them take full meaning.

N  Nutrition
Nutrition is a very important element within Armoniom for several reasons: food is the functioning engine of the human body, they are also generators of energy and vitality. That’s necessary for the development of everyday tasks.

But there is more, Nutrition plays an important role in disease prevention and even palliation.

Furthermore, Nutrition is present throughout the life of the human being, from birth to death and diets must be adapted to each stage of life, taking into account the intrinsic characteristics of each person: receiving lactation, growing, adolescence, adulthood, senescence; Pregnancy, lactation, menopause … in women; Specific foods for celiacs, professional athletes, vegetarians, vegans, allergic or intolerant people to some products, personal preferences … A Nutrition (right or wrong) leads to a global health status (beneficial or not so much).

I  Integration
Healing a patient is a process where different components must be integrated: physical body, thoughts, emotions, done actions, attitudes, environment, individuality…

O Origin
The origin of a disease or illness because finding the cause and treating it ensures a higher rate of success than treating only the effect or consequence.

M  Meditation
It’s one of the most important parts of Armoniom. Although the word Mindfulness has been in vogue for many years, in fact that’s a real concept in force for thousands of years in other civilizations and ancestral cultures without the need to label it (which precisely favors its commercialization and encourages the business idea). With Meditation, mindfulness is fostered in the present moment. Something that is essential in Armoniom’s consultations with Pascale Pech and in each person’s life.

There’re still other hidden keys inside ARMONIOM in the form of words or acronyms ….

Musical term, perfect couple of rhythm. It would be like the necessary balance, between both physically and mentally, emotionally and spiritually in life.

Om is the universe’s sound. It’s the main mantra of Hinduism to which we’ll dedicate our next post exclusively, because it is of vital importance.

It’s a Latin prefix that means “totality” and that you may have heard in many words. In Armoniom it makes sense together with the integration, universality, individuality and the totality of the treatments.

Since within a consultation, a proper and safe space is established where the patient decides his own rhythm of healing and attends to his own characteristics and needs, there are other elements that conform Armoniom. Sometimes they are all, sometimes just one, two, three … sometimes none, but all of them are part of Armoniom: Music, Energy, Singing, Woman, Babies, Family, Synergy, Awakening / Birth, Experiences, Maternity, Parenthood, Dog Assisted Therapy, Herbal medicine, Support, Art, Recognition of the inner child …

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